Sizing Hot Water Heaters for the Home

Man inspecting propane hot water heater

Because of their potential for lower energy costs, tankless water heaters are becoming more popular in new homes and as replacements for storage tank units in existing ones. Propane tankless water heaters provide homeowners savings in energy costs compared with typical electric tank models. Their small footprint, ability to heat water quickly on demand, and ease of installation near the point of use are also attractive features.

Knowing how to predict hot water demand is key to meet performance and cost expectations. Professional plumbers and HVAC installers know to ask the right questions: Who will be using hot water in the home, and for what purposes? How many occupants will be in the residence? What appliances will be creating the demand for hot water and what are their delivery rates? Knowing those answers is the first step to specify a system that can meet those needs.

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