Become a HomePro Partner

MOPERC wants to partner with you and other homebuilders to construct Propane Showplaces to demonstrate the benefits of propane homes and the propane lifestyle.

By becoming a HomePro Partner, homebuilders will receive a financial package to cover the cost of appliances as well as an additional stipend, for homes built using specific propane appliances that are properly installed and meet all safety requirements. In addition, MOPERC will showcase the home through open houses and advertising which will assist you with selling the house and promoting your business.

Packages will vary due to home size and cost but could range from $25,000 to $50,000.

State Rebates

You can receive a $400 rebate when you install a propane water heater or furnace in a new construction project or when you replace a non-propane energy source. You can also qualify to receive two additional $100 bonus rebates when you install a propane cookstove, clothes dryer, fireplace or generator along with a propane water heater and/or furnace. Rebates are available through participating Missouri propane dealers and are subject to availability.

National Rebates

Homebuilders can also receive national rebates for using propane. Construction professionals can earn up to $1,500 per project by installing qualifying propane appliances in new or remodeled homes.

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Safety and Training

Training and certification are required to install propane appliances in Missouri. Become a Propane HomePro and your company and subcontractors will be eligible to receive complimentary Missouri compliance training.

  • MOPERC is available to advise on appliance installation to ensure safety and compliance.
  • MOPERC provides opportunities for contractors and subcontractors to complete training at various locations throughout the state at different times during the year.

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