Joplin Farmhouse

The opportunity for a farm-to-table lifestyle and the yearning for simplicity led this family to the versatile power of propane. With six propane appliances fueled by a 1,000-gallon buried tank, as well as a gas line to an outdoor grill, it boasts the most propane-powered features of a HomePro project to date.

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Joplin Farmhouse Home Story

When Justin and Maddie Jacks pictured their dream home, they wanted a place that supported a sustainable farm and family-friendly lifestyle in Joplin, Missouri. A propane-powered home checked all the boxes and brought their dreams to life.

This busy family of four was looking for the perfect home base. A place to play, a place to grow, and a place to dig some roots - literally and figuratively. The Jacks were able to make their long-time dreams a reality through a partnership with the Missouri Propane Education & Research Council (MOPERC).

In an effort to design a home that cultivates simplicity, fellowship, and creativity, T.R. Smith Construction collaborated with Fyock Home Designs to build a home that catered to the family's lifestyle, complete with more propane features than any other HomePro build, thus far. Choosing propane for the primary energy source allows the Jacks to live in the country while still having access to gas heat and a gas kitchen range, which were must-have features.

“The kitchen was an important space,” said the Jacks. “As we all love to cook and bake while spending time with friends and family.”

Embracing farm life and the environment around the homestead was just as important as the inside. The Jacks will be able to enjoy “hammocks, sunflowers, and farm-fresh eggs” just steps off the back patio.

This is the second HomePro project T.R. Smith and MOPERC have collaborated on. The first was a spec home built back in 2020, also located in Joplin, Missouri.

Featured Propane Appliances

Joplin farmhouse furnace

High-efficiency Furnace

The S9V2 is rated at 96% gas efficiency (AFUE), and the Vortica™ II blower is one of the most efficient in the industry, providing energy savings in both winter and summer. Even in the coldest months in Missouri, this family can count on a consistent flow of warm, comfortable air with quiet operation.

Joplin farmhouse tankless water heater

Tankless Water Heater

This appliance is Energy Star rated with a UEF of 0.91 and can provide a reliable stream of on-demand hot water to both bathrooms, the kitchen and laundry room - all at the same time.

joplin farmhouse fireplace


A propane fireplace provides ambiance and warmth without the hassle of ash or wood. A remote on-off switch makes this feature easy and safe to operate.

Joplin farmhouse generator

Standby Generator

Living in the Midwest, the Jacks’ will be subject to the threat of potential weather year round. But with a propane generator, their home will function as usual even in the event of a power outage. Plus, with five home appliances running on propane, this Generac generator will operate even more efficiently because it takes less energy to power daily functions.

Joplin farmhouse dryer

Gas Dryer

Laundry days will be a breeze with this Energy Star certified Electrolux gas dryer. The front loading design offers 8 cu. ft. capacity and features 11 dry cycles, multiple temperature settings, steam cycle options, predictive dry technology, and instant refresh cycle capabilities. In addition to being efficient, gas dryers are also quieter than electric dryers.

Joplin farmhouse duel range

Dual Fuel Range

ZLINE brings the best quality-to-price ratio in the industry. The gas cook-top features seven Italian-made burners, heavy-duty cast iron grates, a single-piece porcelain top for easy cleaning, and stainless steel knobs. The oven is complete with smooth glide racks, efficient three-layer glass, and durable, stay-put hinges.

Buried Propane Tank

With seven propane appliances, a 1,000-gallon buried propane tank is a necessity to keep this home powered in all seasons. Underground propane tanks are discrete and easily incorporated into landscape designs. Only the dome of the tank will be visible after installation, keeping the farm environment surrounding the home free of obstruction.

Gas Line to Outdoor Grill

By adding a gas line, the Jacks family are set for the future addition of an outdoor grill that connects to the main propane tank. A gas line can also power other outdoor propane appliances such as heat lamps, a fire pit or outdoor kitchen.

Floor Plans

Front Elevation

Upper Level

Lower Level

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Project Details

Keeping with the modern farmhouse style, this project pulls in bright whites throughout the home paired with exposed wood and contrasted with black accent pieces. The open concept floor plan encompasses the kitchen, dining and living room, complete with vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light.

With 2,472 sq. ft. of living space between the main floor and a loft-style upper level and a three-car garage, this 4-bed, 3-bath was designed with all family members in mind. The office space is a dedicated craft room to encourage both kids and parents, to create, build, and dream.

The floorplan flows from the main room out to a covered patio, where the family can read books, watch sunsets, or simply enjoy each other’s company. Whether inside or outside, this family can enjoy all of life's simple pleasures.

Built out towards the country, the home is fitted with the most propane appliances of any HomePro project thus far. Five in-home propane appliances, plus a standby generator and outdoor gas line, all operate from a 1,000-gallon buried propane tank.

The kitchen is the heart of this home and functions as a common space for everyone. The Jacks' prioritize family dinners, farm-to-table living, and home-cooked meals, so a dual fuel range was an absolute necessity. The Zline model they chose includes seven burners and an easy-clean porcelain stove top.

When it’s time to wind down at the end of the day, the propane-powered fireplace sits as a major focal point in the open concept living space. At the touch of a button, it’s easily operated by any member of the Jacks family and makes for the perfect backdrop for holiday gatherings.

When cooking, gardening, and working outside are part of the daily routine, a functional area for the washer and dryer is a necessary investment. Joplin Farmhouse is the first HomePro project to include a propane dryer, which will make laundry days a breeze.

Energy efficiency was key for the Jacks and for all Missouri homeowners comfort is top of mind, which is why the family chose a Trane gas furnace and a Noritz Tankless water heater. These appliances will run efficiently independently and cohesively regardless of how low temperatures drop in the winter.

The modern and low-maintenance propane appliances included in the build offer efficiency and independence for these homeowners. By including a propane generator, the family will have secure and reliable backup power in the event of severe weather in the Joplin area. And, the more propane appliances a home has, the longer backup power lasts, meaning the Jacks are set for a severe storm outage or days-long ice storm. As a safe and independent energy source, propane allows the Jacks to enjoy their whole home to the fullest.

Builder Information

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Name: Tony Smith | T.R. Smith Homes
Address: Joplin, MO
Phone Number: (417) 310-6191