Sweet Pea Barn Reno Propane Home

Nestled in the woods in northwest Missouri sat a structure that had been exposed to the elements for the last 100 years. Owner Suzanne saw an opportunity while others saw decay, and thanks to her builder and propane, Suzanne has transformed this barn into a dream. What once represented the past now proudly represents the future, and this propane-powered home is the epitome of rural living in comfort - Missouri style.

The Lawson barn from a side angle view

The Sweet Pea Barn Reno Home Story

When opportunity knocks, the only sensible thing to do is open the door. Not only did Suzanne open the door, but she also blew it off the hinges! She took a building that was originally designed for horses and cows and transformed it into something anyone would be proud to call home. This home is not only beautiful, it is also extremely practical. Propane and country living go hand in hand. Just like the people who occupy the homes, propane is reliable, quiet, unassuming and efficient. It is always ready to go to work, making it the perfect partner for the rural lifestyle.

We Missourians are known to be a practical bunch and Suzanne is no exception. While envisioning what life would be like living on her terms, she did not want to sacrifice comfort or convenience while living in the country.

Featured Propane Appliances

Kitchen Range

A 30-inch range is a perfect size for this home. A standard-size propane range looks and behaves like those found in restaurants, just in a more conventional package.

Gas Dryer

Gas dryers make perfect sense for homeowners that want the most out of their appliances. Not only do they offer increased efficiency, but they are also quieter and dry clothes faster than electric dryers.

Radiant Heater

Taking less time to warm up than convection heaters, a propane radiant heater will allow Suzanne to reach her target temperature faster.


Water Heater

A 40-gallon propane water heater can heat as much water as a 50-gallon electric heater. Plus, this homeowner can rely on hot water independent of the status of the electrical grid.

Outdoor Lighting

A nod towards an independent lifestyle, the only thing that Suzanne will need to guide her way at night is a steady flow of clean propane.


Linear fireplaces don’t belong in modern or contemporary homes. This 100-year-old barn will enjoy the sleek and modern look of a built-in fireplace. The fact that it produces abundant heat that will stay in the home instead of escaping up the chimney is icing on the cake.

Outdoor Propane Quick-Connect

Suzanne is incorporating several quick-connect ports into her outdoor living space. This will allow her to hook up grills, heaters or griddles when and where she sees fit.

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Project Details

HomePro projects have ranged from luxury homes in upscale communities to homeowners who prefer a quiet and serene lifestyle. The fact that propane can meet and exceed expectations in either environment speaks volumes about its versatility. A professional chef will enjoy the precise control of a propane kitchen range, and a clothes dryer will do its duty just as efficiently in brand-new homes as in homes that are 100 years old. A propane tank  provides the same peace of mind for homes large or small, urban or rural. Propane is the common denominator for homeowners who wish to save money and preserve the environment.

And while saving money is important, these savings would all amount to nothing if propane appliances did not provide usefulness and versatility. In the outdoor space alone, propane lighting will illuminate the quick-connect ports placed around the covered deck. These ports offer both convenience and versatility. Inside, propane will fuel the range, fireplace, clothes dryer, radiant heater, and water heater. For those counting, that means that propane is providing clean energy for eight separate duties. And just like the convenience of receiving a package at home, propane is delivered directly into Suzanne’s tank.

Although the structure of this home may be old, it represents forward thinking. Suzanne wanted to lessen her dependence on the electrical grid while keeping all the comforts of a new home in town. If this home were uprooted and placed anywhere in America, it would be considered modern, functional, and desirable. That Suzanne allowed propane to be the workhorse while electricity was used sparingly seems to be the perfect solution for this part of the world.