Outdoor Oasis Propane Home

Too much of a good thing is difficult to achieve. That is why these homeowners were looking for ways to lengthen the season at their Lake of the Ozarks home. Their goal was to improve the outdoor living space to capture everything that the Lake of the Ozarks has to offer. When they realized how quick and easy it was to get started with propane, the time to capture the essence of the outdoors became a reality. Check out the creative and thoughtful ways these homeowners used propane to maximize their time outdoors.

View of the Big Island propane home and a bright blue sky with a "This home is powered by propane" sign

Featured Propane Appliances

View of a stainless steel propane gas grill

Propane Grill

Who doesn’t love grilled food? Besides aesthetics, there is a huge advantage to having your grill connected to your primary propane source. No more trips to the store to exchange propane tanks in the middle of a grilling session. No more charcoal and fire starters. Just clean and easy to maintain propane heat to keep the guests happy and satisfied.

Front view of a stainless steel propane griddle

Propane Griddle

This griddle represents the homeowner's busy lifestyle. Not only is this griddle practical, but it is also portable. There when you need it and tucked away when you don’t. This propane griddle, just like the fuel that it uses, represents the ultimate in practicality.

A brick wall with two propane access points

Propane Access Points

Also known as propane outlets, these time savers may be the kings of convenience. They provide the flexibility to feed the family one day while warming them the next. Access points allow you to hook up grills, griddles, heaters or whatever else you may dream of into these handy and safe outlets. Propane is versatile, it is only fitting that its delivery system is flexible, too.


A black portable propane heater with a view of the lake and trees in the background

Portable Heaters

Don’t let a chilly day ruin your opportunity to spend some quality time in the great outdoors. Thanks to portable heaters, these homeowners can settle in wherever they please and cozy up to a portable heater. Having the foresight to have installed propane access points, these heaters emphasize practicality. Just wheel them where needed and ignore the temperature gauge as it drops when the days get shorter.

Propane firepit with chairs around it on a patio


Autumn sunsets descending over the lake with your toes warming by an outdoor firepit may be the ultimate triumph over chilly evenings. Enjoy the warmth of a propane fire without the time of gathering, or the expense of buying firewood. Touch-of-the-button quick and no mess to clean up - that is a great way to enjoy a fire.

A radiant propane heater attached to a brick wall

Radiant Heaters

These Bromic Smart Heat heaters punch far above their weight class. Their high output and efficiency allow these homeowners to crank up the heat and enjoy the outdoor scenery as leaves change from green to a beautiful fall palette.

Project Details

While all of the previous HomePro projects have focused on the whole house, this project focuses on only the patio. These Lake of the Ozarks residents wanted to reward themselves with the outdoor patio of their dreams. Natural gas, in addition to being costly and difficult to utilize in the Lake of the Ozark region, quickly disqualified itself as a viable option. That left easy-to-get and abundant propane as the fuel of choice to fuel this beautiful outdoor space.

Featuring no less than six ways to utilize propane, this home serves as an example of what an outdoor space can look like and achieve. A beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen is centered around an efficient propane grill. But that is just one of the ways that propane serves the needs of these homeowners. A propane griddle is also available to double the food while doubling the fun

The propane access points strategically placed on the house and deck serve as mounting points for heaters or other propane appliances. Instead of plugging into electricity, the owners can plug into propane to provide heat where and when they need it. Stay warm, stay fed, and stay cozy all while staying at home.

Meanwhile, the setting sun only serves as another invitation to stay outdoors. Thanks to the propane firepit, owners, family and guests can kick up their feet and get reacquainted with the calming fire. Fires have warmed the souls of humankind for centuries, and it warms these homeowners, too. And in this ‘in demand’ society in which we all now exist, it is only fitting that this propane firepit can be turned on or off with the flick of a switch.

Cooking, warming, relaxing and inviting. This outdoor patio is a fitting complement to living the lake lifestyle. Propane is the perfect partner for outdoor living, allowing homeowners to soak up its natural beauty long after the calendar deems it appropriate. It is hard to argue with a life well lived, and all of these outdoor improvements were made possible with propane.