Propane Home Appliance Rebates and Incentives

Propane Home Appliance Rebates

Propane is a great choice to power many of the appliances in your home, providing homeowners unmatched performance, efficiency and comfort. Now, it’s easier than ever to replace your inefficient electric appliances with high-performance propane models. Thanks to MOPERC rebates, you can save hundreds of dollars to improve comfort and efficiency while lowering your utility bill at the same time.

Through the Safe Appliance Installation Rebate Program, authorized by the Missouri Propane Education and Research Council (MOPERC), homeowners can reduce the cost of installing new propane appliances.

Propane Appliance Rebates

  • Receive a $400 rebate when you install a new propane water heater or furnace for the first time, either in new construction or replacing an existing non-propane unit.  
  • Receive up to two additional $100 bonus rebates when you install a propane cookstove, clothes dryer, fireplace or standby generator with your new propane water heater and/or furnace. 

That’s up to $1,000 of immediate savings! And the good news doesn’t stop there. With propane costing about half the cost of electricity, on average, you will continue to save each month. But don’t wait too long. These rebates are available only while funds last.

Learn more about these rebates available for a limited time.

In addition to these great rebates, you can also enter to win a full package of high-performance, high-efficiency propane appliances (an $8,000 value) that will lower your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and give your family year-round comfort. Through an offer available from the national Propane Education & Reseach Council, you can enter to win propane-powered appliances, including a furnace, water heater, backup generator, cooking range/oven and grill, delivered right to your home!

Enter to win propane appliances for your home.

If you’re thinking about building a new home, converting your current one to propane or adding new appliances to your propane system, talk with your local propane dealer. They can help you determine how propane can be a cost-effective solution based on your situation and needs. Your professional propane dealer can assist you from the beginning of your project all the way through to completion.