Interactive Modules for Propane Homes, Schools & Commercial Businesses

Interactive modules for propane homes

Propane is a versatile and efficient source of energy that has countless applications for homes and commercial businesses. Propane is safe, clean and reliable and it provides performance, efficiency, comfort and security benefits over other energy sources.  

We invite you to explore our new interactive module that illustrates the many benefits that propane provides. See exactly how propane can be used in homes, schools, restaurants, hotels and retail businesses. 

The Propane Home Interactive Module

The interactive module for propane homes allows you to choose from two types of homes and see firsthand how propane enhances efficiency, comfort, and performance. Then you can compare how a propane home in your region would stack up against a comparably equipped all-electric home in cost and efficiency.

Propane homes offer improved energy efficiency over all-electric alternatives. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is an easy way to compare the efficiency of different homes. The lower the score, the more energy-efficient the home. The interactive module shows how these homes compare with standard all-electric homes in different climate zones.

Explore the Interactive Modules for Propane Homes.

Interactive Module for Schools and Commercial Businesses

With the interactive modules for commercial businesses, you can see all the ways schools, restaurants, hotels and retail businesses can use propane to provide a vast array of financial and environmental benefits. Applications of propane range from water heating, boilers, cooking, standby generators, fireplaces, patio flames/heaters and laundry all the way to powering school buses, fleet vehicles and lawn mowers. Look into all the ways propane can benefit you, your home and your business.

Explore the Interactive Modules for Commercial Businesses.