Build Dream Homes with Propane

Build dream homes with propane

If you’re a homebuilder, take a moment to think about what your clients may want in a dream home. Do they want an outdoor kitchen, a heated pool, and a fire pit on a large patio? Maybe they want radiant floor heating, so they never have to step on a cold floor again. Maybe they dream of having a professional-grade kitchen, or a luxurious fireplace. Perhaps their biggest wish is safety and security for their family in any weather. You can make all of these dreams come true for your clients. Propane can do that — all of that — and much more.

For homeowners, propane creates a lifestyle enjoying the benefits of comfort, performance, efficiency and security. The propane lifestyle means efficient, high-performing appliances, affordable comfort and ambiance and added peace-of-mind with a high level of security and safety.

For homebuilders, let’s talk about how propane can save your clients’ money. There is no argument that propane appliances are more energy-efficient than electric. The Home Energy Ratings System (HERS) Index is an easy method of comparison for propane and electric energy usage. A lower score translates to a more energy-efficient home. Tested for a moderate climate (Columbia, Missouri) a propane-powered home scored a 50 in the HERS index, while a comparable electric-powered home came in with a score of 61. A difference like this means your clients will be able to save a significant amount of money on their utility bills all year long.

Whether you are building a young family’s forever home or a retired couple’s vacation home, you can offer your clients countless benefits with propane. Here are some examples of how you can build dream homes with propane, leading to more happy customers, and added value that translates into more profit on your projects.

  • High-efficiency propane furnaces deliver warmer air than electric, keeping the whole house warm and cozy all winter long.
  • Propane tankless water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water on demand, and are more efficient than electric storage water heaters.
  • Propane cooking ranges allow for greater temperature control and faster cooking.
  • Propane can even help in the laundry room. Propane dryers are up to 20% more efficient than electric, and they dry clothes faster with fewer wrinkles.
  • A propane fireplace can be the beautiful focal point of a living room. Available in designs to match every décor, propane fireplaces burn a real flame without the inconvenience and mess of wood, and produce 5 to 6 times the heat compared to electric fireplaces.
  • Propane can make a home safer. When a storm comes in and the power goes out, there is no need to worry because a propane standby generator will start automatically and keep homeowners out of the dark.
  • The same goes for outdoor lighting. Propane lanterns can keep lawns and driveways lit each night, for an extra sense of security.

These benefits should check off a lot of boxes on your clients’ dream home wish lists. In addition, propane offers many other options for added luxury and performance, all while creating a positive impact on the environment with fewer carbon emissions. Propane is a safe, clean and stable energy source that can efficiently and effectively meet nearly all of a home’s energy needs, inside and out. Build dream homes with propane to add value to your homes and more to your bottom line.